MBA Scholarships for Ljubljana University 2019

Faculty of Economics, Ljubljana announces a scholarship

program of  worth 4.000 €

Ljubljana university scholarship

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As one of the leading providers of executive education in Central and Eastern Europe, the Faculty of Economics supports high potentials to meet their educational and career goals by offering scholarships for the FELU MBA program.

FELU encourages and supports applicants with outstanding track record and those with a drive and ambition to create new innovative business opportunities while contributing to the FELU brand in the Region.

If you think that you are an outstanding candidate, apply for the scholarship and we can help you to start the FELU MBA journey!

Your application form is your opportunity to take the first step to become FELU MBA participant!  

Apply now!

Ljubljana university scholarship

To be eligible for a FELU MBA Scholarship, candidates must:

  • apply for first-year admission into a FELU MBA programme,
  • apply before the 30.9.2018,
  • minimum 3 years of meaningful working experience,
  • fluent in English,
  • have an adequate undergraduate education (180 ECTS).

At every stage of the selection process, the selection committee considers demonstrated achievement as well as evidence of future potential. Candidates are evaluated based on the following main criteria:

  • academic qualifications (10p),
  • leadership experience (25p),
  • international impact (20p),
  • in-depth interview (25p),
  • references/additional trainings (10p),
  • awards (10p).

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Ljubljana university scholarship

Candidates selected exhibit the following behaviours in terms of criteria:

Academic qualifications (up to 10 points)

  • Sound academic credentials.
  • Outstanding transcript of records.
  • Highest achieved level of education (PhD, Master, Bachelor)
  • Special study achievements.
  • International education experience.


Leadership experience and potential (up to 25 points)

  • Ability to reflect on (own or other) leadership experiences (showing his/her own outstanding examples of both leadership and followership; examples to lead motivate and train team members, to establish priorities and manage competing deadlines for self and others.
  • Making a commitment to ongoing personal development (by expressing readiness to explore and bring into reflective awareness own personality traits and behaviours)
  • Making a commitment to develop oneself as a proactive leader/influencer/decision-maker by being willing to openly debate also tougher dimensions of business life, for instance moral and ethical dilemmas;


International impact (up to 20 points)

  • Working with an international team.
  • Leading an international team.
  • Managing international projects.


In-depth interview (up to 25 points)

  • Showing high level of all above mentioned criteria.
  • Showing high level of interpersonal skills.
  • Innovative thinking.
  • Strategic vision.


References/additional trainings (up to 10 points)

Awards (up to 10 points)

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Ljubljana university scholarship


The scholarships will be deducted from tuition fee.

Applicant who is partially or fully sponsored by employer is not eligible for scholarship.

Applicant can only accept one scholarship from the FELU Foundation.

If an applicant is successful and being awarded with a scholarship, but subsequently declines admission to the MBA, scholarship will be withdrawn and awarded to another applicant in the order of the number of points scored (by the FELU Foundation selection committee).

Scholarship award will be withdrawn if MBA candidate fails to meet FELU MBA general and academic conditions set by the FELU MBA programme. General and academic requirements are stated in FELU MBA Manual, which all candidates receive before programme starts.

Recipient of the scholarship is expected to participate occasionally as ambassador for the FELU MBA programme in different events, PR activities etc.


  • STEP 1: Filling the Registration and Application Form
  • STEP 2: Individual Interview
  • STEP 3: Scholarship Results
  • STEP 4: Enrollment

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