Open Doors Complete Tuition Free Scholarship For Students In Russia

The Russian universities provide full tuition free scholarships for international students every year. International students can participate, win and study in master’s program in top-ranked Universities of Russia without the burden of tuition fee. At Russia, tuition free scholarships are the responsibility of Ministry of education and sciences. The Open doors Russian Scholarship main purpose is to give a chance and reward to brilliant students with full tuition free scholarship. Russia is one of the few countries who offer world best scholarships to international students in every field.

Open Doors Russian scholarship is Russia’s first international scholarship competition between the Master’s students from all over the world.The competition is organized with the support of Russian Ministry of Education and science.

open door russian scholarship for international students
open door Russian scholarship for international students

Why Choose Russia:-

According to the OECD Russia has the most educated population. Russia is the best-known country for its strong academic systems. Russian universities offer different training programs like training for enrollment in Bachelor’s, Masters and PhD courses.  You can choose among 500 universities of Russia in 80 Russian cities.

Russian Universities have their own sports teams, student theatres and student construction teams. Russia has a rich academic environment and it’s a place where more than 200 ethnic groups can speak more than 100 languages. It’s a country where you can choose not only your university or course but you can choose your climate according to your choice.

scholarships for international students in Russia 2018
scholarships for international students in Russia 2018

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Complete Tuition Free Scholarship Program:-

In this Open Door Russia Scholarships, only Master’s programs are offered with full tuition-free for international students.

Courses Offered:-

For Master’s Degree following courses are offered by different universities of Russia.


  • 04.01 Mathematics
  • 04.02 Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
  • 04.03 Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling
  • 04.04 Applied Mathematics
  • 04.05 Statistics
  • 04.02 Guidance, Navigation, and Control
  • 04.03 System Analysis and Management
  • 04.07 High Technology and Innovation Economics


  • 04.01 Applied Physics
  • 04.01 Applied Mathematics and Physics
  • 04.02 Physics
  • 04.04 Electronics and Nanoelectronics
  • 04.03 Photonics and Optical Computing
  • 04.04 Biotechnical Systems and Technologies
  • 04.05 Laser Engineering and Laser Technologies
  • 04.02 Nuclear Physics and Technologies
  • 04.02 High-technology Plasma and Power Systems
  • 04.01 Materials Science and Materials Technology

Computer Sciences:-

  • 04.01 Computer Science and Engineering
  • 04.02 Information Systems and Technologies
  • 04.03 Applied Computer Science
  • 04.04 Software Engineering
  • 04.01 Information Security
  • 04.02 Infocommunication Technologies and Communication Systems
  • 04.01 Instrumentation Technology
  • 04.06 Mechatronics and Robotics
  • 04.04 Technical Systems Management
  • 04.04 Intelligent Systems in Humanities


  • 04.01 Economics
  • 04.02 Management
  • 04.08 Finance and Credit

Languages Choice:-

A candidate who proved his/her command on the English language can study in English. A student having the strong grip on the Russian language can study in Russian for complete tuition free scholarship and if any student wants to improve his/her Russian language he/she will be enrolled at university initial departments.


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Open Door Russian Scholarship Benefits:-

In Open Door Russian Scholarships International students will get following benefits as described below.

  1. Student’s complete tuition fee will be provided according to the demand of university chosen the by the student.
  2. Selection criteria is transparrent and very simple.
  3. A single candidate can apply to the number of universities in several subject areas.
  4. All non-Russian citizens can apply for this full tuition-free scholarship program.
  5. A candidate can choose any Russian university in his/her preferred field.
  6. Through this scholarship, students will get early admission in a Master’s Program before others candidates.
  7. The international students can enroll in Master’s program in Russia without the entrance exam

Eligibility criteria:-

  1. Candidates who are going to apply for this Russian complete tuition free scholarship program must have completed their degree of bachelors before or are going to complete in 2018.
  2. The International students from all over the world.
  3. Russian citizens who live in other countries.

Competition Structure:-

To win an Open Doors Russian Scholarship the foreigner students has to win two steps of selection.

  1. The first step in this open doors Russian scholarship is Portfolio contest. Everyone can participate in this competition deadline for this competition is December 1, 2017 – February 16, 2018.
  2. The second step Online Test, only those international candidates can apply who win the portfolio competition in first step.Deadline for this competition is March 5 to March 15, 2018.

How Winner Will be Determined:-

open door russian scholarship winner
open door russian scholarship winner

The study in Russia is a dream for every international student who wants to pursue their education in Europe with a full tuition free scholarship opportunity. The core mission of this open doors Russia scholarship is to increase the number of international students in Russia and to attract the top international students of other countries.

I would recommend all students to apply at Russia for complete tuition free scholarship and grab the opportunity to study in one of the best universities in Russia.

For more details, visit eh official website, click to visit

Feel Free to ask any question in comment section. Best of luck for future strive.

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