Our Mission


Scawab Opportunities Network (SON) started with two International Students – who came from two different continents as International Students to study in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes, Minnesota In the United States of America.

Having lived and experienced the many challenges students face in their quest of completing their education, had to come together to ensure that they provide a platform to help other students successfully do the same.

Now that you know the summary of the story behind the founding of Scawab, let’s tell you how we can work together to make your academic and career development goals come true.

Our mission is to empower you with the right tools and resources to succeed in your chosen education, career development plans.To accomplish our objectives, we have set out to do the following:

  • We’ll connect you with all the exciting full time jobs and Internship Opportunities available to Scawab and all of our Global Partners. And trust us, the value is priceless!
  • To connect you with events such as Job Fares and Conferences that help you meet, connect and network with top shots in different professional fields. A good opportunity to position yourself for great stuff, isn’t it?
  • We’ll assist you with crafting powerful ATS HR readable CV/Resumes that is suited to showcase your skills and your personalty and help get the job faster .
  • Scawab will provide you with the relevant knowledge and skills that you need for the job you desire, and we’ll ensure you get access to these available jobs regularly.

Celebrating your WINS and motivating you to more WINS on your journey with us!That’s our 8-Star Commitment to help you grow the biggest wings for your academic and career development plans.

Together, we can help write a success story that defies the odds and opens the doors to endless opportunities!

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